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15/04/2019 | by Charbel Coorey

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Michael McQueen is an Australian-born speaker, social researcher and bestselling author.

Coming from a background in marketing and research, in 2004 Michael founded a consultancy specialising in demographic shifts and social trends called The Nexgen Group. Michael’s first book The ‘New’ Rules of Engagement was the culmination of a 3-year study of the key drivers of youth culture around the world. With an emphasis on the values and attitudes of Generation Y, this 2007 release was designed to help business leaders, educators and parents better engage younger generations.

In 2009 and 2010, Michael went on to release a range of gift books called Memento and Wisdom which were designed to bridge the generation gap in families by helping parents pass on their stories and life lessons to the next generation. Building on the international success of this gift-book range, Michael recently created an online memoir-writing app for parents called Histography.com.

Michael’s latest book Winning the Battle for Relevance is a landmark title that explores why even the greatest businesses and institutions become obsolete and how others can avoid their fate. Drawing on research looking at over 500 of the world’s most iconic brands, Michael outlines a game plan for organisations and businesses who are committed to staying ahead of the curve by re-inventing themselves before they are forced to do so. 

Having spoken to over 200,000 people across 5 continents since 2004, Michael is known for his engaging, entertaining and practical conference presentations. He has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business including Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg and Larry King.

Keynote Topics: 

Winning the Battle for Relevance
How you ever wondered how it is that iconic brands and great ideas go from prominence to obsolescence while their competitors go from strength to strength? The secret to maintaining growth, vitality and momentum for many years and decades comes down to one thing and one thing only relevance. In this unique, fast-paced and compelling presentation, Michael McQueen explores:

• Why most businesses don’t realise they are losing relevance till it’s almost too late
• ‘The Relevance Curve’ and what it means for every business, leader, idea and brand
• The 5 major causes of decline and obsolescence
• How to check your “Silent Pulse” and measure the true health of a business
• Proven strategies for remaining relevant or regaining relevance as times and needs evolve

Audience members will leave this session challenged to reflect on their relevance in the modern marketplace while at the same time equipped with strategies for navigating change through innovation, strategic thinking and re-positioning.

IDEAL FOR: Clients looking for themes of leadership, change management, strategic planning or innovation. 

De-Coding the next Generation
The next generation are already here - are you ready? If you have you ever found yourself confused, frustrated or even offended by the attitudes and expectations of today’s younger generation, you are not alone. Employers, leaders and educators often describe this group as being technology addicted, impatient, unfocused and disrespectful. Having conducted arguably the world’s most extensive research into the defining attitudes and values of Gen Y, Michael McQueen is ideally placed to help audiences de-code this group.

In this entertaining & engaging keynote presentation, Michael explores:

• The FOUR LIES you have been told about Generation

• The KEY CHALLENGES older generations face in communicating with & leading today’s youth

• PRACTICAL STRATEGIES for engaging, motivating and equipping the next generation

Audience members leave this presentation with powerful insights into what is shaping Gen Y along with a game plan for engaging them in meaningful ways.

The 'New' Rules of Engagement
Smart organisations and leaders are beginning to recognise the significant commercial benefits of engaging younger generations in the workplace. They are discovering that in addition to being ambitious, tech-savvy and adaptable, Gen Y can be a powerful source of creativity and fresh thinking. The challenge for business owners and managers is to develop organisational cultures and practices that will attract, motivate but most of all retain this young group.

In this practical and information-packed session, Michael McQueen draws on over 8 years of experience helping thousands of business leaders and managers increase their engagement with young team members. He explores:

• Why no organisation can afford to disengage Gen Y - a group who will make up over 40% of the working population by 2020.

• The key phrases and vocabulary that motivate and inspire young employees - plus the words/phrases to avoid.

• What drives younger workers' addiction to social networking and how to establish clear boundaries around its use in the workplace.

• How to equip emerging leaders with the skills and attitudes they'll need in the future.

Audiences leave this session with a clear understanding of what does and does not work in getting the best out of the next generation. More importantly, they leave armed with proven and practical tools for increasing the engagement of their younger team members. This session is a must for organisations and managers who want to prepare for their future workforce and capitalize on the benefits young employees have to offer.

Ideal for: HR, leadership-focused events, sales teams, small-to-medium sized companies, pharmaceutical, financial services, retail, customer service, public sector, education.

Navigating the Generational Maze
Never before has the generation gap been so wide or mattered so much. In a recent global study, 42% of leaders reported that generational differences were the primary cause of conflict within their organisations - far outweighing the impact of differences in gender or cultural background. We are living and working in an era where age-related differences matter more than ever. For the first time in history, 5 generations may be working alongside each other in a team at any one time.

In this humorous & revealing keynote presentation, Michael explores:

• An overview of the five different generations of the 20th century.

• The formative influences which have shaped each demographic group.

• Each generation’s values, attitudes and expectations - and how these can lead to conflict and misunderstandings within an organisation or team.

Audience members leave this session with powerful insights into how their older and younger counterparts view the world very differently. In addition, they’ll be equipped with insights and strategies for better connecting and communicating across the generation gap.
Navigating the Generational Maze is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program

The Re-Invention Roadmap
If you’re not willing to cannibalise your own business, someone will do it for you? This echoed warning from Steve Jobs is a timely message for any brand or organisation. As the status quo continues to be disrupted at a greater rate than ever, relying on what has worked in the past will likely come at the cost of future success (and survival). The demise of iconic brands such as Kodak, Borders and Blockbuster leaves us with little doubt – smart organisations and leaders must re-invent themselves before there are forced to do so by external pressures.

In this fast-paced & compelling keynote presentation, audiences discover:

• Why most organisations and businesses fail to re-invent themselves TILL IT’S ALMOST TOO LATE.

• The critical importance of your organisation’s SILENT PULSE in gauging your true heath and relevance.

• A PRACTICAL and PROVEN blueprint for re-invention in any business or organisation.

Audience members will leave this presentation with a game plan for successfully adapting to change and emerging stronger and more relevant than ever.


Michael McQueen offers information that is relevant to everyone and anyone. His presentation at our client luncheon attracted enormous interest and was engaging, insightful and humorous. Feedback from audience members was fantastic and he has certainly raised the bar for next year.
CEO, Australian Super

The best presentation I've seen! Michael's depth of knowledge and applicable stories were fantastic.
Marketing Manager, Pepsi 

The value Michael brings is hard to find. I would thoroughly recommend him as a speaker for your next executive event - we are.
Vice President, Nokia L&C

Michael's 'Winning the Battle for Relvance' theme was perfect for our audience and he set the scene and tone beautifully for the rest of the days program. The service from Michael and the team was outstanding, Nothing was too much trouble.
Maznik Consulting 

"A fascinating and entertaining speaker."
Macquarie Bank

“Michael was fantastic - so well researched and an incredibly engaging speaker”
General Manager, Laing and Simmons Real Estate

" Michael is an engaging speaker with a powerful message and practical advice. I would highly recommend him."
GM of Marketing, Canon

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